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The times we live are amazing, but the speed we do things with is incredibly fast. We sleep less, we eat faster, we work more, we talk less, we live in a constant hurry, and ultimately this affects even our social environment. In a world of fast everything (fast internet and fast relations), we tried to slow down and build something that will bring back the meaning of gift giving.

Two years ago I started to sketch something on my iPhone’s app Notes. An idea was born out of minor struggle, which later came out to become a dream and today reality.

I always loved gifts, I loved to buy gifts, pack gifts, give and receive gifts. And I absolutely adore to gift myself from time to time. So when living abroad I’ve hit my head to walls to send gifts that qualify in the 4 features that are priceless for me: best of in its category, design & quality and simple beautiful packaging.

That was the struggle.

The original idea was to build a gift shop. Now we’ve built a gift shop with handpicked products from independent designers, makers or brands that respect the concept of creativity and sustainability. We care about feelings and emotions, so we care about the gifting process, the delivery, the opening of the box, the surprise and satisfaction of the receiver.

We care about the environment, so we try and we’ll try better to support ecological, organic, raw, craft, ingredients and materials.

We care about the creativity, so we’ll search the world and do our best to preserve it.

We start small, but with a big vision.

Be patient with us, but give us your most critical feedback so we can improve. It’s important for us that we grow together, that is why in the next few weeks we’ll have an idea page where you can drop by and hit us with your feedback. We listen and learn.

Thank you for being here and for spreading the love about Les Gifts.