Te Set Henrietta


Chic set av tekanna och 2 koppar

kr469.00 kr187.60

Henrietta Tekanna

Chic puder rosa tekanna med bambuhandtag och guld punkter 1L

kr279.00 kr111.60

5 i lager

Henrietta Kopp × 2

Rosa kopp i keramik med guldprickar.

kr95.00 kr38.00 / pc.

Slut i lager

6 i lager

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Afternoon tea time in style. We believe that drinking tea should never be boring. This chic pink powder tea set with golden dots is exactly what we’re thinking when we’re saying that. Includes a 1L teapot and 2 mugs to match.

Handwrapped in silk paper, gift details and our signature box.


Bloomingville Denmark

Henrietta Tekanna

Henrietta Kopp