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Love TEArs – Wistful Passionfruit & Yoghurt Aroma

This is a tea with emotions. Organic rooibos tea of the finest quality from Sweden. Love TEArs for all those moments when you need a daydreaming aroma in a cup of tea between your hands. The perfect gift to cheer up someone going through a hard time in love.


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Design, art, emotions and taste, in one box! This ecological rooibos red tea is an euphoric story of love and aroma.

A beautifully designed fully recyclable box of 15 tea pyramids made of corn starch filled with a mix of delicious, sustainable rooibos tea from Sri Lanka with passionfruit and yoghurt aroma.

As the brand describes it: “This is a mix of rooibos for anyone who at some point longed so much after someone that a tear fell down their cheek. For those who realise the excitement of mixing bittersweet feelings with soft comfortable rooibos flavors. But do not be fooled. In a sea filled with cola taste and sunflower passion fruit aroma lurks a strength that gives you the power to dry the tears and enjoy the desire in your cup.”

Ingredients: Ecological rooibos tea. Natural passion fruit and yogurt aroma.

Instructions: Boil water at 95 – 100°C. Add one pyramid of Love TEArs per cup and let it infuse for 2 – 4 min. Enjoy it with a smile on your face.

About TEArs ecological tea:

Would you like a nice cup of TEArs honey?

Joy tears, love tears, farewell tears, there are many examples of emotional tears. One thing they have in common. It doesn’t matter if if they’re about sadness, longing, happiness or pain. The feeling always fits best with a cup of tea. TEArs is as life, and life is as TEArs.

TEArs is a family brand from Gothenburg, Sweden by Bergstrand Kafferosteri. All TEArs are of the finest quality, organic, sustainable, from Sri Lanka with love.

TEArs is a tea with emotions.




Ecological rooibos tea. Natural passion fruit and yogurt aroma.


Passionfruit & Yoghurt Tea