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Sophie La Girafe Baby Oil

A wonderful multi-purpose baby oil with 99% natural and eco certified ingredients! Use to remove traces of food from the face, clean the nappy area, moisturize the skin, massage your lovely baby and soften bath water.


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Oil that provides a sensation of warmth and promotes supple skin and a feeling of well-being

This decidedly luxurious baby oil cleanses and moisturises baby’s skin and is suitable for baby massages. The selection of organic ingredients pampers your child’s skin. The nourishing oils contained – such as Sunflower, Olive, Jojoba and Apricot Kernel Oil – bolster the skin’s natural protection and moisturise and nourish the skin, with the help of the contained fatty acids and vitamins.

Bathing: Pour a small amount of baby oil into the bath water to reduce the drying effect of the water.

Cleansing: Pour a small amount of oil onto a cotton pad and proceed to wipe the face and the body. Use a clean cotton pad for different areas of the skin. Not for use in the delicate eye area.

Moisturizing: Suitable for both face and body.


 200ml / 6.8  oz