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Linen water gift box

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Organic linen water from Swedish brand Washologi

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This lovely gift box from Washologi, Swedish brand, is a discovery we made during a Stockholm design fair and we fell in love with the scents, the bottle design and the names off each one of the linen waters.

Washologi stands for sustainability and the environment!

The linen water is produced in Sweden, and consists of natural extracts of perfume, no added polycyclic musk.

The package includes:

  • 1 st 100ml linnevatten Harmoni
  • 1st 100ml linnevatten Glädje – JOY
  • 1 st 100ml linnevatten Längtan –  DESIRE
  • 1st 100ml linnevatten Välbehag – PLEASURE

Harmoni Linen Water

Washologi’s nourishing and sweet scented linen water HARMONY comes with the calm,
soothing scent of lavender layered with the sense of newly washed.

Längtan – means Desire 

Fresh, smooth scent of natural cotton flowers layered with the sense of newly washed.

Glädje – means Joy

Delightful, floral scent of jasmine.

Välbehag – means Pleasure

Comforting, soothing scent of Mimosa

Tips from the brand: To enhance the freshness of your garments, just spray them with the linen water in-between washes or pour a small amount directly into the water reservoir of your steam iron, leaving your garments with a pleasant refreshing scent.