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9 Natural pine cones safely treated to start a fire quickly and efficiently, beautifully packed in a sustainable gift box – All Made in Sweden


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A natural way of lighting up the BBQ, these 9 Swedish pine cones from the High Coast in Västernorrland  impregnated with eco labeled stearic acid from Delsbo Candles, packed in an exclusive handcrafted gift box with recycled leather handle. One Kotten is all you need to have a fire burning within minutes! The perfect gift for grill masters!

The story of the KOTTEN:

It all started somewhere in northern Sweden when Robert Kraft was reading the tip of the week in a women´s magazine. This week´s tip was to remember to bring back pine cones from the next walk in the forest and turn them into fire starters by dipping them in melted candle wax.

Robert liked the idea but wasn’t very impressed by the results. He noticed that the pine cones in their natural form weren’t so efficient when starting the fire. After many adjustments and a lot of patience, Robert found the perfect recipe for treating the pine cones and turn them into excellent fire starters. Robert also realized he wouldn’t have to pick the pine cones himself since the forest industry already picks millions of pine cones every year in order to get pine seeds for the plantation of new trees. Once the seeds are taken out to plant new trees, the pine cones have, until now, not been used other than for domestic heating.

Good for the grill, good for the planet!

In October 2015 Robert started a cooperation with other 3 entrepreneurs and together they continued to develop Kotten to a beautiful, functional and effective fire starter packed in an exclusive gift box ready to be gifted to someone who needs a little warmth.

Facts about the Kotten:

  • The pine cones are picked in the Swedish forests. Every picking is origin labeled so it’s known exactly where it comes from. The seeds are taken out from the cones and used for planting new pine trees. That’s when Kotten buys the pine cones, which would otherwise be thrown away or burned.
  • The stearic acid comes from a factory which produces eco labeled candles. During the manufacturing, a white core is redefined then dipped in coloured stearin wax. Sometimes the produced candles get a bad shape and the stearin wax cannot be reused because of the colour mixing. Instead of them being thrown away, we recycle the stearin and use in on the Kotten.
  • The gift box is designed, produced and packed in Sweden. Some of the boxes have been packed by the Scouts, which received compensation to their group.
  • The leather handle from the box is produced from recycled leather from furnitures. Kotten made 17.000 handles for the boxes out of 1 sofa!

How to use the Kotten fire starters:

To light a fire: 

  1. Put a pine cone with the scales pointing downwards between two logs.
  2. Light the pine cone from underneath.
  3. Enjoy your fire!

To start a charcoal grill:

  1. Put a pine cone with the scales pointing downwards in a pile of charcoal briquettes.
  2. Light the pine cone and wait until the pieces next to it smolder. Mix the charcoal embers as needed.
  3. Allow about 40 minutes to get a perfect bed of ember.

Content: Pine cones, stearic acid. Produced from renewable materials only. No palm oil used.


Do not cook food on pine cone embers alone!

Here’s a video of how to use the pine cones!


Do not cook food on pine cone embers alone!

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