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Crocodile TEArs – Calming Green Jasmin Tea

Crocodile tears in a cup. This ecological green jasmin tea with calming properties is for the times when there’s a crocodile tears alert. Perfect gift for anyone who has children.


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A beautifully designed fully recyclable box of 15 tea pyramids made of corn starch filled with a mix of sustainable, calming green tea from Sri Lanka with jasmin aroma.

As the brand describes it: “Do you feel how the calm is spreading in the body? How the green jasmin tea cautiously explains what’s important in life. Crocodile tears it’s something all parents know about. Sometimes it’s cute, sometimes just annoying. Our blend of crocodile tears will help you to take care of the crocodile tear-sharer youth in a mild and balanced manner. Equally balanced as the floral aroma that dominates this fine tasting tea.

Ingredients: Ecological green jasmin tea.

Instructions: Boil water at 78 – 85°C. Add one pyramid of Crocodile TEArs per cup and let it infuse for 1 – 3 min. Enjoy it with lots of calmness and a smile on your face.


Would you like a nice cup of TEArs honey?

Joy tears, love tears, farewell tears, there are many examples of emotional tears. One thing they have in common. It doesn’t matter if if they’re about sadness, longing, happiness or pain. The feeling always fits best with a cup of tea. TEArs is as life, and life is as TEArs.

TEArs is a family brand from Gothenburg, Sweden by Bergstrand Kafferosteri. All TEArs are of the finest quality, organic, sustainable, from Sri Lanka with love.

TEArs is a tea with emotions.




Ecological green jasmin tea


Boil water at 78 – 85°C. Add one pyramid of Crocodile TEArs per cup and let it infuse for 1 – 3 min


Calming jasmin

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