Our Instagram Shop is here! Posted in: News

We were thinking for a while to find a way of integrating our Instagram feed in our online store. The reason is we see visitors coming from Instagram on our homepage and then not finding their way in.

So, we understood you probably want to find a product you have seen in our feed and lost your way in our shop.

Therefore, in our Instagram shop you’ll find the photos from our feed in which there are showcased products. They are live, meaning the second we post a new image and you want to be the first to shop the products in it, you’ll find it here. WAIT, there’s more to come. In the image, you’ll find links to all the products so you can get directly to them.

Wait, what?

Yes, we made it easy for you to get to the products you eyed on Instagram, without losing more time to search for them. At least, until Instagram releases their shopping feature!

Check out the Instashop here

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