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Summer is close to an end at least here in Sweden, and together with our big summer sale in July, we’ve also got in a few new fantastic brands that inspire and will be a trendy gift buy during autumn. We promise!

Vakinme is one of them, but what is more fantastic is that Vakinme is a brand makeover for the Village bath products, which is a brand we already have in our store. All the Village bath products have been bestsellers from the start, with their amazing consistency, freshness and beautiful minimalist packaging.

Vakinme is a brand to fall in love with, over and over again. Made in Sweden, these organic soaps, washes, creams and salt baths, are made of organic ingredients. All three collections Björktuva, Daggmossa and Åkermynta, are meant to inspire our love for the Mother Earth and connection with the nature.

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