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On 8 March we celebrate the women in our lives all over the world! International Women’s Day has been set on 8th March by the UN in 1975, due to that throughout the history, the day has been a day of importance for various reasons in women’s equality position in the world.


We embrace any celebrations that bring smiles on people’s faces and not only that we made a list of cool design gifts for the women in your life which we handpicked specially for this day, but we also want to give a boost to the tradition of giving gifts on this day, so here’s a coupon which you can use until 8 March to take off 20% on your order! And girls, if you order a gift for yourself for Women’s Day, we roll down the hat in front of you! Mention that in your order and we’re gonna send an extra surprise gift inside the #lesgiftsbox to you! Because you’re worth it!

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