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Sometimes, a cup of tea is the best medicine for various emotional adversities. Life has ups and downs, sometimes we win, sometimes we lose, other times someone loved goes far away and we feel crushed, or we are exhausted from all the stress in our daily routines, like the all-day parental jobs and routines. Other times we are in a very good mood with any reason, just in balance, and sometimes we just ARE.

There isn’t a recipe for healing every pain, for helping that one friend who suffers from love or for keeping up with our kids’ moods. However, there is a tea that will do just fine in helping coping with almost any feeling, or at least increase the level of humour in anyone.

We proudly present our latest addition in Les Gifts: TEArs – Tea with emotions.

TEArs is a family brand from the lovely city of Gothenburg, Sweden by Bergstrand Kafferosteri. All TEArs teas are of the finest quality, organic, sustainable, from Sri Lanka with love.

Joy tears, love tears, farewell tears, there are many examples of emotional tears. One thing they have in common. It doesn’t matter if if they’re about sadness, longing, happiness or pain. The feeling always fits best with a cup of tea. TEArs is as life, and life is as TEArs.

Our favourite tea in the collection is Love TEArs, not only for the very amusing illustration on the box, but also for it’s passion fruit and yoghurt aroma.

Gifting with TEArs:

Each tea box from TEArs has a specific illustration in contrast with the name, aroma and effect of the tea, which makes a perfect gift in different occasions.

laughing tears english breakfast tea
Do you know anyone loving the ritual of tea drinking while laughing out loud? This is the perfect gift for people with lots of humour!
crocodile tears jasmin green tea
Crocodile TEArs would make for a funny, but delicious gift for young parents with little kids, or why not, with adults acting like kids around them.
Love TEArs could be gifted with so many purposes, to the friend that had just been heartbroken, your new love partner, or just because you want to show your care to a family member or friend.
Pain TEArs can be a great gift for anyone that just had tattoo made, or in love with tattoos.