Colour Of The Year & Gold Brass Home Decorations: A Match Made in Heaven Posted in: Inspiration – Tags: , , , , , , , , ,

The year that just passed has been fruity, exciting and glamorous. When making a retrospective on the home decoration, interior design and styling trends of 2016, it’s easy to notice that it was the year of gold brass objects in any room of our home, in any use and any shape. This year the trend stays and adds even more glamour to our lives.

denim drift colour of the year 2017How do we know that? Well, according to AkzoNobel, the Colour Of The Year 2017 is Denim Drift, a shade of blue which combined with gold brass decoration objects will make our homes welcoming and warm! I’ve noticed the trend during the Formex Nordic Design Fair in Stockholm last fall.

The whole palette of blue shades that Dulux has named as being the trendiest of the year, is extremely stylish and elegant, adding decandence, exclusivity and sobriety in the mix. And who doesn’t love that?

A few ideas of how to integrate the genial denim drift colour in your home is by painting the walls in contrast with the other objects in the room or just keeping everything the same, but the small decoration details as cushion, lamps, blankets, vases or candleholders.

Let us introduce you to our favourite gold brass objects that will make a statement in any home and perfectly fit in this year’s favourite colour palette!