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Back to school, back to reality. For both parents and kids. If you have a teenager in your home that is going to college, or a friend, or a friend’s child, you’ll probably want to give them something to remember you, or think of you, or just make their life in campus better. Same applies for children and parents, everyone deserves a gift in this period of the year. Here are our favourite gifts for kids and students going back to school, but also for the coolest parents.

For the little ones

Gift away this fabulous and cute pink suitcases set to the little people in yours or your friends life. We love it because it comes in 3 sizes, for different occasions. It’s a great baby accessory at the school or kindergarten.  A chic way to carry the lunch or a drawing book.

Organizing ideas and plans

High-school and college can be as important as the first job or internship. So a good, creative and inspirational planner can come handy just in time for the school year start. This beautifully illustrated 17-months planner was handpicked by us especially for the cover story – an illustration inspired by the beautiful Gardens of Paris.

Powerful essences in small bottles

And if you’re looking for something little bit more comfortable to be carried around in the pocket or bag, below are some great ideas of pocket sized planners and notebooks.

For the techies

Give them something to remember during the class breaks. These fancy iPhone cases are everything a girl can dream about to own while scrolling down the phone to show the photos of the summer holiday to her friends in the break.

Energy for the college challenges

Nothing works better in the mornings for a student to wake up fresh than an energising bathing ritual! We put together a gift box with our favourite scents in the Village collection of body and hand care, plus the little pocket notebook Dream & Do for him or her to carry around the backpack through the campus. For the moments when the inspiration just hits!

For the parents

And finally, a gift with sense of humour for the heroes of our lives: parents! This funny – but oh, so true! – wine glass comes in a set of 2 so that both parents can enjoy those evening of late home works.