F.A.Q.Frequently Asked Questions

Les Gifts is the digital destination when shopping gifts for the selective ones in your life, whether you want to send a gift, get inspiration for gifting or just gift yourself with something. We take pride in our products because they are carefully curated from designers around the world and mostly Scandinavia. We support creativity, art and craft, unique objects, quality oriented manufacturers and independent designers. We believe in the story behind the brand.


On our website you’ll find a variety of stylish and unique products that we already curated for you. If you need inspiration, our concierge can help you choose the right gift, or find the gift you are searching for. When you’re all set, you add the gift to your cart, place an order and inform us where would you like the gift to be delivered and when. The person you are sending the gift to will receive it packaged in our exclusive gifting kit, together with a handwritten note with your message.

If it’s a gift, you’ll be asked in the checkout to add the name of the receiver, what is he/she celebrating and a custom message.

We are working hard to keep the delivery time as minimum as possible. That is why everything on our site is in our stock too. To can send it as soon as possible. However, the gift will be delivered by our transport partners between 3 – 5 working days in Sweden and 10 – 14 working days internationally. If there will be changes, we will inform you immediately.


We absolutely encourage this! Les Gifts is about giving, so why not give moments, pleasures and memories to ourselves too?

That is exactly why Les Gifts was born. To help the process of giving. We take proudness in our luxury gift wrapping ritual and we take very seriously the unwrapping custom. Almost every gift that leaves our hands, no matter if you send it or order it for yourself, will be packaged beautifully. This will make the gifting experience even more purposeful and meaningful. Soon we’ll have custom boxes for all the products, so bear with us! We’ll make it possible!

No. When you chose to send it as a gift at the checkout, we make sure you receive the invoice with the price and he/she receives an invoice without the price, that can be used for returns.

We’d be very sad to know you need to return a good, or even more if someone you gifted returns it. But we have you covered! Even if we believe our gifts and products are irreplaceable, sometimes you just need something else. You have 14 days to return the good in the same shape you received it, unused. Read about returns in our Terms & Conditions page.

We are really sad you feel the gift is not something you need right now. Of course, you can return it to us in 14 days in exchange for something else. You just need to email hello@lesgifts.com the reason you want to return it and the order number on the document you received and we’ll take it from there. Unfortunately, we can only return the payment to the sender, in which case we can only replace your product with something else you would be interested on the site or we can exchange it for a gift card which you may use however you want.